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Will Pratz
Born in United States
47 years
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This memorial website was created to remember Will Pratz who was born on April 26, 1962 and passed away on March 30, 2010. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Please leave your thoughts and memories for our young children, so that they will always have a glimpse of their father through your eyes.


Latest Memories

Just some of the comments left on facebook for Dad/Will.  Love the one from his college room mate.
You were hard on me.
You loved me.
You saw something inside me others didn't see.
You made me run a lot.
You challenged me to work harder in school.
You challenged me to work harder on the basketball court.
You made me laugh.
You made me cry.
You changed my thought processes and patterns.
You made me feel comfortable in "uncomfortable" situations which helps me today.
You dealt with conflict with confidence and poise I couldn't have.
You put up with lots of bull.
You married a wonderful women who inspired me to get married as well.
You got by without "material" things and i don't remember you complaining one bit. You encouraged me.
You built my confidence in many areas.
You made me laugh so hard so many times.
You favored me.
You treated me like a son.
You had a loose tongue.
You had a sensitive heart.
You had good intentions so often.
You acted like one of the guys.
You were incredibly confident and yet I can still say I saw humbleness in much of what you did.
You humbled yourself a couple years ago to a point I can't imagine.
You were incomplete without your wife.
You are on my heart and mind now, but you've always been there and been a constant thought through the last 10 yrs.
I wish I could have spent more time with you.
I never wanted to move to Omaha largely because of you.
I have been forever changed by you coach.
I can't wait to see you again soon.
You were a hard worker.
You made mistakes but i think most of the time your heart was good.
You married up!
You were gifted in so much, especially motivating me and others to do things many would consider impossible.
You were hilarious.
You were so gifted at saying things that needed to be said without being offensive (although I'm sure you were offensive enough other times! :)
You made it clear you would fly up to Omaha if I ever needed anything.
You were so real!
You were so genuine!
I loved your openess.
I loved your sense of humor.
I loved you and can't wait to see you again soon.
Through it all, I can say that God used you in my life and I'm so much better off because of you. Thank you for being in my life. I know you couldn't have been the man you are without your family and now they remain here without you. Please know I'm there for them if they ever need me and all 9 of them will be in my prayers intentionally. I will not forget you and can't wait to find you one day. You'll be one of the first I look up, guaranteed.
 Coach Will Pratz, Words will never come close to the amount of inspiration, strength and personal courage you helped foster and grow in me. Long after Basketball I carry your lessons with me. You will forever be an inspiration and facet of strength in my life. Love you Sir. God is still working through the seeds you planted so long ago. See you in the Kingdom.
David Sampson
Mrs. Pratz, I am so far behind on what happenend, but I will be praying for you and your family! Mr. Pratz was always my favorite teacher at Temple Heights! He was such a great man and incredible teacher!!!
I am so sorry for your loss. Mr. Pratz was my Bible teacher and he really impacted me. I'll be praying for you and your family.
Oh Nancy! I am so saddened by this news! We did not know he was sick until just a few days ago. Andy and I thought the world of Will. So did our children, Drew and Amy. Will was a positive role model to our son during his middle school years at Bell Shoals. I recently came across a journal entry I'd made dated Aug 31, ...2000 when Will called to encourage us about Drew; he said some very sweet things that as a mother, I wanted to record! I can't wait till that glorious reunion one day when I can thank him again myself!
Praying for you and the kids and sending all our love from your Bell Shoals family.
I still to this day look back on middle school, and Coach Pratz was one of the biggest reasons I miss it. So sad to hear the news. I will always remember him, and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Coach had a unique way of pushing us so hard and still letting us know that he loved us (even though he wasn't even technically the girls coach - he and coach Ferguson often teamed up on this!). He was a great man, and there is no telling how many lives he has touched. I am sending lots of prayers for your family...I wish you guys were close by so I could wrap my arms around you, but know that you are definitely in my prayers!
Love you guys.. Praying for y'all.. Coach made the biggest impact in my life as an athlete and a person.. His legacy will continue on and will always be remebered forever.. I am proud to say that coach helped make me the person I am today.. God bless you guys through this time.
Nancy, let me know if you need anything at all. Coach changed my life and his lessons still impact me today. His lessons were there in my darkest hours as a light of hope and still bring strength to me today. Im proud to say because of him I am a better man, husband, Son and friend. My prayers are with you guys. He really did change my life and teach me to do the right thing no matter what.
Will will be missed. He was a great guy. My sons only knew him for a short time, but in that time he showed my children much love. We are all very sorry for your loss!
Nancy. Will and I were college roommates at C'ville. It was great to get back in touch with him through Facebook late last year. Will was a fun roommate. A little messy and slow to do his laundry (he would borrow my underwear), but his spirit and love for life was infectious.
Will and I played B-ball on an intramural 3-man team with another friend. Will’s outside shooting skills kept us in many of games. He was one of the few tall guys that did not play under the basket and actually could shoot. He did not play defense; he figured if he scored more points than his guy, then we would win. He was mostly right about that.
I think every single person on campus knew Will by name; and Will knew everyone by their name. We would walk to classes from dorm rooms as we chatted-it-up only interrupted by calling out names of people as we walked. His famous line was to greet by saying “Yo Jay” or “Yo Bill.” Everyone would “Yo Will” in return. It soon became the campus greeting line used by everyone all 4-years I was there. In fact, I still catch myself using the greeting for really good friends today. The world has lost one of its sources of positive energy and goodwill. I am excited that between the 8 children you two have, each will bring the energy instilled by their Dad to their individual lives as they progress forward. And hopefully, each of your children have learned, through their Dad’s example, that laundry really needs to be completed once a week; or at the very least, borrowing underwear is not a “good place” to be. Our prayers are with you.
Lost a good friend and mentor yesterday. Will Pratz was my high school basketball coach. Always thought we would get the opportunity to coach together..... His enthusiasm and love for basketball, people and life will be truly missed.
Bill Robinson

kevin barnett

To the Pratz Family:  My name will only be recognizable to Nancy, and only then most likely after some deep thought.  I am Nancy's classmate at BHS '82, and as per my memory 2 years junior to Will.  I just found out 2 days ago about Will's passing while speaking with my friend, and fellow classmate, Mike Genovese.  I was instantly saddened.  My sympathy goes out to your entire family, and I will offer 1 quick story that gives me comfort, and I hope and pray that it does to you as well.  This is for Nancy:  I imagine that during our 4 years at BHS, we heard thousands of prayers.  After about 30 years, I remember one.  Pete Repicz in the afternoon moments after it was announced via loudspeaker that President Reagan was shot, had us close our books and prayed.  The first words out of his mouth were prasie to God that "...we know that this does not take You by surprise".  I offer the same words to you.  In our minds, we only think of how much we will miss him, but my confidence is 100% that this was not an accident.  God be with you all.  Love Kevin.....

Debbie Budd Fitzpatrick

There are sooooo many memories of Will...THE best one I have and I laugh every time I tell the story...Nan..Will, John and I are all at the shore with Jocelyn and Joshua and taking the kids on rides...Jocelyn and Josh were on the Dumbo ride in Ocean City...all of the other kids could figure out that you need to pull the handle to make the elephant go up in the air....not OUR kids...they just looked like 2 deer in the headlights and Will and I absolutely lost it right there...we were laughing so hard..tears were flowing...We kept trying to tell the kids (as they passed horizontally on one level in front of our eyes while the other kids were going up and down on the ride) to pull the handle and they just weren't getting it...well the more we yelled at the kids to pull the handle, the harder we laughed...Then theres the famous yell...eyeyayayayayaya!! at the top of his lungs. Didn't matter where we were..he would yell it and look around like it wasn't him that just screamed. Nancy do you remember that seafood resteraunt we went to and Will stood up and summoned the waiter right there in the middle of the resteraunt cause the guy was taking too long to come back with our all- you-can-eat king crab legs? How about when Will had John's back at the church baseball game...that's all I'm gonna say about that one..LOL...Poor league will never be the same...Oh man those are just a few of the many many great memories I have of Will. I can honestly tell you that I will always look back on him with a smile....

Linda Heath

My favorite memory of Coach Pratz was when he greeted me and others with "Whatsssssss uuuppppppp" and refered to some select few as "morons".  He took an interest in Kendall when she was in the 5th grade and was always talking to her.  A few years later, she was playing basketball at BSBA and learned so much from Coach.  (especially learned how to take a charge during the bb games).  Will and his entire family became my family during the difficult time of going through a divorce.  I so loved the way the family "loved" each other and though they did not have much in the material world, they had everything that I would have, commitment and love for each other.  They opened their home to me and it was an amazing time to be part of their lives.

Judi Hedstrom
I didn't have the opportunity to get to know Will very well, but we were on staff at Harmony Christian for a short while. I do know that my students loved him and I remember one student talking about how he had led them to know the Lord. Gabrielle was my student and it was obvious that she came from a family that deeply loved each other. There are some students that one never forgets and Gabrielle is one of those. I am praying for your family. I know for certain that God can and will provide for each one of you exactly what you need for every step of this journey of grief . In Prayer, Judi Hedstrom
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